Let's get you to UNSTOPPABLE!
In this 7 month course our intention is no less than you stepping into your truth as an Infinite Being FIRST, who is SECOND having a human experience. This form is designed to illuminate where you have areas anchoring you to a reality informed only by your human self. We are going to explore this here simply by creating space for you to reflect on your level of personal power as it relates to your past, present and future. There is no good or bad here, no right or wrong, just YOU as an human being who is here to learn more about who you truly are as an infinite being. When we feel love + gratitude in all directions, we become Unstoppable! Here's to our journey there... and, remember, it is ALL about the journey! A'Ho!
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Let me say "hi" before you proceed...
Is there any part of your PAST experience where you do NOT feel love + gratitude?                                                        As an Infinite Being, you understand that EVERYTHING in your past was (somehow) there to love you. As a human being you may have suffered trauma to varying degrees. We want to help you understand the wisdom you gained, the convictions you now hold as a result, etc. It is the yin and the yang, the light and the darkness dancing together. There is harmony when we tune into it. This is part of this Unstoppable journey. "No muck, no lotus," as the saying goes! *
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On a scale of 1-10, 10 being pure love + gratitude and 1 being victimhood, how would you rate your current mindset around your past challenges / traumas?                   IMAGINE: that the ocean view below is you looking back, into your past. Is the "ocean of your past" or the view you see now stormy, wavy, tumultuous or are the waters calm and inviting? Use this metaphor to help you reply to this question. *
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Love + Gratitude
Is there any part of your PRESENT where you do not feel love + gratitude? Right NOW are you experiencing any aspect of your life that feels out of alignment? Are you unhappy with a current aspect of your life? Your Unstoppable (Infinite) Self may be encouraging you to take this 7 month journey in order to bring this aspect of your life into coherence. *
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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your PRESENT state of being? 1 being hopeless + lost and 10 being joyful + free. *
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Hopeless + lost
Joyful + free
Do you feel energies in alignment with love + gratitude when you look ahead into your future? If your future, as you perceive it right now, was a forest... would it be lush and abundant, sparse and small, or dead and dry? Allow this image to clarify for you how you feel about your future. *
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On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your outlook on your future?  Are you hesitant, fearful or worried, or do you feel "all systems go," ready for the ride! *
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Hesitant, fearful or worried
I AM all systems go + ready for the ride!
If you are enrolling in this course, please complete this intake form. If you are still considering the course, please ask any questions you have below. I am thrilled you are here and thank YOU for being a curious being, inspired by possibility + creativity! ~Whitney Freya
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