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Which team(s) are you trying out for? Please understand that if your final tryout score does not fall within the score range of the team(s) you have chosen, you will NOT be placed on a team. Freshman is only for current 8th graders and you should only choose STUNT if you DO NOT want to cheer at games but only compete. If you make STUNT that does not guarantee a spot on mat. *
Which stunt position will you be trying out for? Trying out as a certain position does not guarantee that you will serve in that capacity if you make the team. *
I understand that the judges and coaches decision is final. I have read and fully understand and agree to abide by all the information in the OHS tryout packet. If I make the team, I understand and accept that failure to abide by the OHS Cheerleading Constitution may result in suspension or dismissal from the squad. I am aware of the time and financial responsibilities to be an OHS cheerleader. As a representative of OHS, I agree to abide by all information given if selected as an OHS cheerleader for the 201-2020 school year. (Please write name below to agree to this statement.) *
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