2019 Canvassing Shifts
We need your help to elect Andy Beshear and the Democratic Ticket! Please let us know when you are available to canvass! We are getting closer to Election Day and every door knocked could make the difference! To learn more about canvassing, visit https://fayettedemocrats.net/wp/why-canvass/
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Weekend (Oct) Canvass Shifts
1500 Leestown Rd - Please select any that apply! 10 AM shifts for SATURDAYS ONLY.
10 AM (Saturdays Only)
3 PM
Saturday, Oct 19 (With Sen. Reggie Thomas (10 AM shift) - 1500 Leestown Rd)
Sunday, Oct 20
Saturday, Oct 26
Sunday, Oct 27
Row 5
GOTV Canvassing
1500 Leestown Road - Please select any that apply!
10 AM
12 PM
3 PM
6 PM
Monday, Oct 28
Tuesday, Oct 29
Wednesday, Oct 30
Thursday, Oct 31
Friday, Nov 1
Saturday, Nov 2
Sunday, Nov 3
Monday, Nov 4
Can't canvass but want to volunteer in another way? Let us know what you'd like to do below and someone will reach out to you when there is an opportunity.
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