On-call compensation in tech/IT
Hi! We are conducting some research into on-call compensation in tech/IT, as there doesn't appear to be any previous data or research readily available.

In an attempt to make this as easy as possible for you to complete, we only require the questions in section 1 to be answered (which try to figure out what your on-call compensation is).

Section 2 is additional information that will make this data richer and allow us to identify more complex trends. All questions in this section are completely optional.

All answers are strictly anonymous. We intend to share the raw data publicly, unless specifically asked not to, as we hope that being transparent with this data will help to drive conversations around what is reasonable compensation for on-call.

We (Chris & Spike) are both currently working in the industry and are interested in learning (and sharing) more about how on-call works. The tweet that started this is attached below!

This research is independent and not backed by any company or organization.

Please contact us on Twitter with any questions - our DMs are open:
Spike - @spikelindsey
Chris - @evnsio

Thanks for taking part!

The original tweet that kicked this off (https://twitter.com/evnsio/status/1084550652401995776)
Are you paid to be on-call? *
As in, is there an additional payment that is distinct from your base salary/rate?
How is your on-call pay measured? *
What currency is this pay expressed in? *
How much are you compensated to be on-call? *
Please take into account the interval and currency you provided above - e.g. if you answered "per day", and "EUR", an answer here of 100 would mean 100 EUR per day. If your rate fluctuates (for example, if weekend/holiday rates are higher), please provide a rough average and leave us a comment in the next section. If it's part of your base pay or a much more complicated arrangement, please put 0 and leave us a comment in the next section.
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May we share your raw data? *
If no, we will use your data in the aggregate, but never share your individual response.
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