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Thankyou for being here. So glad you have taken this key step towards creating the life you choose. I can't wait to share this journey with you on our very special retreat. Please tell us a bit about you so we can make your experience flow as easily as we can. You can come back and edit your answers if you need to.



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The retreat fee includes shared accommodation. Do you want to hear about upgrades to private room accommodation?
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We recommend booking your 121 treatments before you fly to avoid disappointment. *
Cat is offering an exclusive rate of £70 per hour for retreat participants. Please indicate which are of interest to you.
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Are you ready to have a transformative week of yoga and personal development in an inspiring place with like minded people that could even change the trajectory of your life?
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Please advise your Nine Lives Yoga teacher before commencing any sessions if, for any reason, your health or ability to exercise changes. It is inadvisable to do yoga between weeks 8-14 of pregnancy unless by special arrangement with your teacher. It is also wise to wait until 6 weeks after the birth before resuming exercise. Yoga exercises are very safe but as with all forms of physical exercise, it is prudent to consult your doctor before starting sessions if there is any doubt about your health and suitability to practice. These sessions are not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment. If you have any doubts about suitability of the exercises, you should refer back to your medical practitioner. The teacher can accept no liability for personal injury related to participation in a session and you hereby accept all responsibility for your body. Exercise should be performed at a pace that is comfortable for you. PAIN is the body’s warning system and SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. Please inform your teacher immediately if you feel any discomfort after a previous session so we can adapt your programme accordingly.
Cancellations and Rescheduling *
We have a cancellation policy to protect against costs of pre-booked studio space and any other costs entailed. Cancellation fees are 50% for cancellations within 60 days notice and 100% within 30 days notice of retreat start date. Rescheduling of any booking may result in a fee payable depending on the circumstances and at the sole discretion of Nine Lives Yoga. Verbal agreements are legally binding.
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Booking Info
To secure the booking we require a deposit of £222.00 The remaining balance is due 30 days before the event.
If this is your first retreat, we are happy to offer you a discount.
Don't forget to book a chat with Cat asap to talk over your goals and aspirations for the retreat.

Sunny wishes,



Founder | Nine Lives Yoga
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