Hauntings in Michigan
The authors of Haunted Flint want to hear your tales of haunting experiences and spooky encounters.

Roxanne Rhoads and Joe Schipani are collecting stories about haunted Michigan locations to research, investigate and feature on Haunted-Flint.com and in a future book.

Roxanne and Joe are also seeking urban legends and tales of cryptid sightings (Bigfoot, Mothman, Lake Monsters, Le Nain Rouge, etc).

Have you had a haunting experience in Michigan?

Please share your stories.

Have you felt something eerie you just can't explain or been to a place that gives you overwhelming feelings of fear or just creepy goosebumps?

Have you personally encountered spirits, monsters, or something strange?

You can complete this form or email story details to HauntedFlintAuthor@gmail.com 

Thank you for your time and spooky tales.

Disclosure notice: by completing this form you or emailing your story to us are giving us permission to use your tales on our websites, in social media, and in any upcoming publications. You can choose to remain anonymous, use an alias, or use your real name.

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If the haunting took place at a private residence is this where you live or a place where you previously lived? (please check all boxes that apply) *
If the haunting took place at a business location - do you or did you work there? Are you the owner of the location? *
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