CRPS Online Summer School 2020
Welcome to CRPS Summer School 2020.

High School students must commit to a minimum of 5 hours of daily study from Monday to Friday for 15 days, from June 29th to July 17th including attending online class, small group and/or individual Google hangout meetings, to meet the requirements for earning high school credits.

One course per student is typically allowed. However, philosophy 30 (3-credit), anthropology 30 (3-credit) and world religions 30 (3-credit) can be completed in a group of two, for a maximum of 6 credits. Achieving this may require more than 5 hours a day of independent study.

All courses have an online facilitator who will be available from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm daily to assist students through the course material. The courses are an independent learning model and are not teacher-led.

COURSE FEE: $150.00 per course - $100.00 is refundable for high school courses only, if students complete a full course with a passing grade.

Refunds do not apply to, out of district students, adult student or international students. A copy of an official transcript is required for out of district or international students.

Adult students (19+) $500.00 per course - A copy of a high school transcript is required.
International students $935.00 per 5-credit course. A copy of a high school transcript is required.

*To view courses being offered at each grade level begin the questionnaire below.
*For course registration you must complete the questionnaire below.

Online CALM course fee: $100 (non-refundable) and runs for One Week only!
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