End-of-Year Teacher Evaluation
Please be totally and completely honest...that is all I ask. This is anonymous, but there will be a place if you would like to leave your name. I found this to be a very challenging year...tried many new things, a couple months of incredible neck pain, much less class time, larger classes...let's just say that I know some things worked and some did not. So please answer honestly and openly. I will truly appreciate it.
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PLEASE feel free to leave this blank, or come back at the end and write your name
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Which class were you in?
In one word describe the teacher
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In one word describe the class
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In one word describe the class
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1-Teacher created an environment that was positive
2 Teacher created an environment safe for risk taking
3 Teacher created an environment that allowed for personal initiative
4 Teacher created an environment that allowed success for all students
5 Teacher created an environment that led to meaningful discussion
6 Teacher created an environment for independent student growth
7 Teacher created an environment with appropriate structure for students to succeed
8 Teacher created an environment that motivated me
9 Teacher gave students the attention they needed
10 Teacher’s ability to respect individual student needs
11 Teacher’s knowledge of the subject
12 Teacher’s enthusiasm
13 Teacher’s preparation for class
14 Teacher’s relationship with class
15 Teacher appeared honestly interested in helping students
16 Teacher’s ability to listen
17 Teacher’s ability to keep class interesting
18 Teacher graded assignments fairly
write the number of the question, and then comment honestly.
Your answer
the space below to freely express your feelings
about the course and teacher.  Please be as detailed and specific as you
would like but do limit your words to what is truthful, respectful, and
most of all useful to future students.  Minimum number of words is
thirty-five, maximum is 1,000,000.  You can write freely, or use the above
questions as a guide.  This is the most valuable part of the evaluation and I
cannot stress enough how carefully your words will be read and listened
Your answer
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