Xavander 1 Year Anniversary Raffle
Raffle Prizes, Rules & Details
The Xavander raffle will consist of the following rewards:

1st - D3 ASIC Bitmain Miner - DASH (X11) Miner (psu not included)
2nd - 7" Packard Bell airBook Tablet w/16GB MicroSD, Sleeve & Screen Protector
3rd - Seagate 1 TB Backup Plus Slim USB/SSD (External Hard Drive)(New, Sealed)
4rth - QFX Android TV Box & WiFi Wireless Router (Stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Kodi and more. 4K Cap, Rasp Pi3 Specs)
5th - 1 of 3 - 1 oz Solid Silver Bullion - (BTC Stamped) (Not Plated)
6th - 1 of 3 - 1 oz Solid Silver Bullion - (BTC Stamped) (Not Plated)
7th - 1 of 3 - 1 oz Solid Silver Bullion - (BTC Stamped) (Not Plated)
8th - Cryptocurrency Set 8 PCS - Gold & Silver plated Coins. BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP
9th - 1 of 3 iHip Wireless BlueTooth JamBar Speakers (Rechargeable)
10th - 1 of 3 iHip Wireless BlueTooth JamBar Speakers (Rechargeable)
11th - 1 of 3 iHip Wireless BlueTooth JamBar Speakers (Rechargeable)
12th - 1 of 3 ONN 16 GB USB Thumbdrives (New, Sealed)
13th - 1 of 3 ONN 16 GB USB Thumbdrives (New, Sealed)
14th - 1 of 3 ONN 16 GB USB Thumbdrives (New, Sealed)
15th - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
16th - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
17th - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
18th - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
19th - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
20th - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
21st - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
22nd - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
23rd - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins
24rth - 1 of 10 Gold Plated BTC Coins

Raffle will begin on Xavanders Anniversary, Sept 11th and conclude Oct 31st 2019.
Winner selection/verification will commence the 1st week of November 2019.

Winner(s) will be randomly selected from a pool/database based on the qualified participants for the designated raffle.
All participants have an equal opportunity to be selected for each qualified entry received by Xavander.
Multiple entries are NOT restricted. Enter as many times as you like.
A single participant may be selected for more than 1 reward if multiple entries received.
(1 Entry equals a maximum of 1 possible reward if selected)

Prizes will be awarded based on the descending order of the entry selected.
What this means is that the 1st place winner may choose from the list of prizes, if the 1st place winner does not want the Bitmain ASIC miner they may choose from any of the other items available.
The 2nd place winner will choose after the 1st and 3rd will choose after that and so on.
We understand that some items may hold a higher value or use in different regions and are attempting to make the reward structure more suitable to our community's needs and desires.

Free Entry Details/Tasks located in Xavander Discord:

Xavander Discord https://discord.gg/nyPJry6
Xavander will announce winners on our social media outlets and email the winning participants.
Although it is not required it would be advisable to join Xavander Discord server.
If social media contact is not achieved the participant must reply to the email provided.
Xavander is not responsible for improper contact information provided. In the event a participant is unreachable within an adequate amount of time, Xavander reserves the right to select an alternate.

If you have questions, comments or concerns please join the Xavander discord and speak to a team member.
If you can not contact via Discord feel free to email: LordSoylentGreen@gmail.com

We are the Founders of Xavander coin and this is our 1 Year Anniversary with the Xavander platform.

Xavander Discord https://discord.gg/nyPJry6
Discord LordSoylent👽#7520 ID#236247994024853504 (creation 10/13/2016, 5:05:11 PM)
Discord AU Mattycoz AU#8788 ID#360279208049508353 (creation 9/20/2017, 11:20:56 PM)
Discord 🇦🇺 millsy 🦘💨💸#0420 ID#386870598359318529 (creation 12/3/2017, 7:25:38 AM)

Xavander offers profit sharing of over 20 other alt coins on our platform simply for maintaining XCZM MN(s).
We assist in portfolio building, have an active, knowledgeable & diverse community that can assist you not only with
Xavander but other questions that arise during your crypto experience. We assist other platforms and stay in contact with other serious teams. For more information about Xavander please join our Discord or visit:

BITCOINTALK: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4962223.0
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/XavanderCoin_XCZM
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/XavanderC
WEBSITE: http://www.xavandercoin.com/
WHITEPAPER: http://xavander.multi21crypto.co.uk/Documents/whitepaper_xavandercoin.pdf
GITHUB: https://github.com/Xavander-Coin/Xavander-coin

Xavander reserves the right to alter the details of this raffle at any time in order to ensure fairness for all involved.
Xavander will conduct any alterations in "good faith" in order to keep the raffle fair and true to its intention.
Any physical items shipped will be done so at low cost according to domestic/international shipping laws.
Shipping will be provided by Xavander however the winning participant is responsible for any taxes or fee's
involved with customs and importation.
If an item is unable to be shipped to a participants country the Xavander team may offer a substitute reward.
Failure to provide shipping information if contacted will forfeit participation.
No Refunds will be provided unless the Xavander team terminates the raffle prematurely due to unforeseen Circumstances.
Xavander is not responsible for items lost, broken or stolen in transit.
Xavander is not responsible for fund submission sent to the wrong address or unverifiable.
All Rewards are purchased "New" however Xavander is not responsible for their function or operation and
offers no warranty or guarantee with the rewards distributed.
Accepted alt coins may be added or dropped during the duration of the raffle.
By participating you agree and understand the terms & information provided.
Xavander is sponsoring the raffle and will only accept Alt Coins for entry, no BTC.
Please choose the desired Alt Coin(s) you wish to use for entry and supply the required Transaction ID for each corresponding coin submission.
Multiple entry and multiple forms are allowed for submission.

Fill out your details below. Your submission will be emailed to you.
Final Section will provide Links for the supported Alt Coins accepted.

Section 2 will display further details after you enter your email. You will receive email verification of this form upon completion. Your email will be used to contact you if you are selected to receive a prize. We do not spam or share information.
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