Personal Chemical Approval
CNM2 staff needs to be notified of all chemicals brought into the facility so that staff can immediately identify the potential hazards and ownership of the material.

Please submit this form for each chemical you plan on using and bringing into the facility, depending on the process CNM2 staff may require you to produce an SOP.

Upon staff approval, the chemical will be marked with a green label. In the future, if the chemical is being restocked, please obtain a new label for the new bottle of material, but there is no need to resubmit this form.

Any chemicals that do not have the label will be disposed of, as this poses additional hazards and takes away space from other users.

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PI, group
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Chemical Name
Common Name
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If no CAS please enter in link to MSDS or manufacturer's data sheet
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Physical State
Number of Containers
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Container size
Quantity (volume or mass)
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Container Unit
unit of measure
Container Type
box, glass, plastic, cylinder, etc
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Enter NFPA values as seen on the diamond below
Please refer to MSDS
NFPA Health
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NFPA Fire Hazard
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NFPA Reactivity
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NFPA Specific Hazards (if any)
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