Little Hill Farms Rabbit Purchase Application
This is just a questionnaire, so I have a good idea of what kind of rabbit you are looking for and streamline the purchasing process. Please note that there are no right or wrong answers, so please answer honestly. We have nothing against rabbits keep for meat, but we do require that every rabbit that leaves our farm has proper housing and care during the time they are alive. We live by the 4-h mindset that even though the animal is going to the butcher, it lived a life full of love and is given the best care.
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is there a specific rabbit/ litter you are interested in on our website?
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Would you like to be waitlisted for a rabbit provided that we don't have what you are looking for right now? If Preference of sex, or variety?
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What are you looking to do with your rabbit(s)? *
Are you in 4-H or FFA
How are you planning on housing your rabbit? Please Choose the primary housing option *
If you will have more then one, will they be housed separately? Please note that a polish rabbit needs at a minimum of 4 square feet each, and a New Zealand need at least 6.25 square feet each. *
How much thought/research did you put into the housing of your rabbit? please be honest? *
what is your opinion on this quote? ''The difference between a breeder and a multiplier is that one breed for specific traits that improve their animals whether that be to make a better animal through their own or show standards. While the other just keeps making more babies with no care for improving what they have." This question is not applicable to those who don't plan on breeding
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If you're being honest what is your past experience with owning rabbits? it's totally ok if the answer is none. *
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If your answer to the above was none or not much what kind of research/sources have you used to learn more about rabbits and the care thereof?
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