George Herman "Babe" Ruth Statue Proposal

Babe Ruth is consider by most to not only be the greatest New York Yankee of All-Time, but also the most important figure in the history of baseball. At this time, there is not a single statue of Babe Ruth anywhere in New York nor near the site of OId Yankee Stadium. We propose to the City and State of New York, that a formal proposal by expedited to create a large scale statue of Babe Ruth near the grounds of 161st. Street and River Avenue in the Bronx. It is time to honor this great and historic man for all his contributions to the game of baseball and to all the people whose lives he affected so positively. Many acknowledge that it was Babe Ruth himself that saved the game of baseball after the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Babe Ruth was bigger than life and a statue of "The Babe" must be built and displayed in all its glory for the people of New York and the rest of America to see. The 90th Anniversary of Old Yankee Stadium is quickly approaching, and nothing would be better to honor the 90th Anniversary of Old Yankee Stadium opening on April 18, 1923 than announcing that a statue of George Herman Ruth will be created and then displayed proudly on or near about the site of Old Yankee Stadium.
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