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Welcome to our book club!

Steps to join the club:
1. Fill out this form to show your interest in our book club.
2. You will receive a newsletter in the first week of the next month. This newsletter will have details of meets in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. 
3. If you are in one of the cities mentioned in the newsletter, please fill out the registration form for that city's meet (this will be the second form you have to fill and it is not the same as this form). There is only one BYOB meet organised in each city each month.
4. The meet registration form is only open for a few hours or days every month and is closed as soon as spots are filled. Spots are filled on first-come-first-serve basis. Older members are given priority. Please hurry to fill the form. 
5. Once you fill out the registration form for a particular meet in a city or online, you will receive an email with the venue of the meet and other relevant details. If you have filled out irrelevant or false details in the form, your registration can be rejected.
6. Please attend the meet you have signed up for on the day and time mentioned at the venue.
7. Once we have met you at a meet and verified that you are a real person, we will add you to our WhatsApp group.
8. Continue attending our meets as and when you can. For each meet, you will have to repeat the steps 2 to 6.
9. This is an invite-only club. We only welcome serious and polite, well-behaved readers. Anybody who does not follow our rules of conduct can be removed from the club. Rules of conduct will be mentioned to you in our email communications for each meet. 

Happy Reading!

BYOB does not charge any fee from its members. You may be expected to buy food or water at one of our venues and that payment goes to the restaurant directly and not to BYOB organisers. If you find any BYOB meet charging a fee, you can report it to us by sending an email.

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