Pollution Prevention & Awareness Survey
Please answer this short form to help the Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP) understand pollution prevention practices in Marin County. Your survey will help MCSTOPPP decide how to direct outreach and education resources to have the biggest impact to prevent pollution from getting into our creeks and the Bay.

Thanks for your time, and please visit the MCSTOPPP website at mcstoppp.org to see ways you can prevent pollution from contaminating out waterways.

Have you learned/seen anything (flyers, social media, outreach, ads) in the past five years that will help you protect our creeks, bays, or ocean? *
When shopping for a product to manage a pest, have you ever seen this label under a less-toxic pesticide product? *
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When I shop for pesticides (less toxic or otherwise), I generally go to (check all that apply): *
Did you know that, to protect fish including endangered native salmon, it is important to use erosion- and sediment-control practices during construction projects or other soil-disturbing activities? *
Have you ever used a household hazardous waste (HHW) facility to get rid of unwanted items like paint, oil, pesticides, solvents, and batteries? *
When you wash your car, do you most often: *
When you walk your dog do you most often: *
Did you know that property owners may need special permits before starting a project in or near a creek, ditch, or other water body? *
Did you know you can anonymously report someone who is illegally working in a creek or ditch or illegally discharging something to a storm drain, creek, bay, or the ocean? Contact MCSTOPPP at 415-473-6528 during business hours, or use their website at www.mcstoppp.org . *
Have you ever taken part in a cleanup event where volunteers pick up trash on the street? *
Your email address. Include if you would like to be included with volunteer cleanup or pollution prevention messages. We do not sell or distribute our list to any outside agency or individual.
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