Basketball Training Registration Form
Session Length: 60 minutes
Available Days: M, W, F
Available Times: 3:30pm, 4:30pm, or 5:30pm

Xcel Member: Individual Session = $20/player, Group Session (max:4) = $10/player
Non-Member: Individual Session = $35/player, Group Session (max:4) = $25/player

*Group sessions are for a group of 2-4 players that you put together.
*Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.
Email address *
MEET THE COACH: Sam Oatman (Director of Xcel Sports) is offering individual & small group basketball training. Coach Sam starred at Neenah High School before playing collegiately at East Tennessee State University (NCAA D1). After college, he played 3 seasons professionally in England. He also spent 2 seasons as the Men’s SBL Head Basketball Coach & Director of Development for the Lakeside Lightning in Australia. He has over 20 years of experience coaching from the youth to pro level. Whether a beginner or elite player, Coach Sam will help you level up your game!
Family - $95/year
Individual - $55/year
Student - $35/year
Senior - $35/year

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Payment and cancellation information
*Once your player is registered you will receive a confirmation email and a link to make the payment. Please allow 24 hours for us to put your information in our system. If you are paying with a check, please, make it payable to Appleton Alliance Church and include your players name and session in the memo line. If DECLINING after signing up, please contact Connie at or call (920) 931-1255. Any declines within 24 hours of the session will lead to the player being charged with the exception of covid symptoms. In that case, please make the safe choice to not attend a training session.
Xcel Sports Agreement and Liability Waiver
I/We are aware that exercise can be physically stressful and in certain instances can even be harmful and result in death. I/We understand that I/We should consult with our personal physician before I/We begin or continue any exercise program. In consideration of use of AAC - Xcel Sportsplex and activities run within the Sportsplex identified above, I/We agree to the following conditions:

1. I/We understand the risk and danger to us and our property associated with our use of the Xcel Sportsplex, and I/We do so voluntarily in reliance upon my/our own judgment and ability. I/We assume risk of personal injury, death, property damage or loss from any cause whatsoever including, but not limited to, failure of anyone to enforce rules, regulations or inspection of equipment and facilities, and any negligence of/by our staff.

2. I/We shall indemnify, defend and save harmless Appleton Alliance Church, Xcel Sportsplex staff, the Board of Trustees, or any officers, servants, agents, or employees from all liability, loss, costs, damages, claims, or causes of actions of any kind or nature whatsoever. This includes expenses, from attorney fees arising, or claimed to have risen, out of personal injuries or death, property damage or loss, sustained by me/us as a result of negligence on the part of AAC and Xcel Sportsplex, its staff or other participants.

3. I/We understand potential risks, including risks of property damage or loss, personal injury, or death associated with the use of the Xcel Sportsplex, equipment and the participation in activities within the Sportsplex. I/We understand that I/We are responsible for my/our personal safety during use of this facility, and I/We assume that responsibility.

4. I/We are aware that Xcel Sportsplex membership fees are nonrefundable. This includes reasons such as, but not limited to: personal relocation, change in fitness class times and schedules, change in fitness class content, changes in class offerings, change of instructor(s), class cancellations, changes in facility hours of operation, or equipment availability. Changes in membership (ie. Student to Family membership) is allowed the first month of any given membership. Credit will be applied towards the family membership. After one month, separate memberships need to be purchased and no allowances will be given.

Photo Release: I understand that photographs and video may be taken of me during the course of my time at Xcel and that these photographs and video may be used for Xcel Sportsplex and AAC publicity purposes. I have read and understand this release.

***By signing this waiver, the terms and conditions apply to future memberships and day pass/guest pass visits to the Xcel Sportsplex; it is not exclusive to the date signed below.
Digital Signature Confirmation *
Facility Rules of Conduct and Policies
Dress Code Policy
● We expect all people using the Sportsplex to dress appropriately and in a modest fashion. “Modest” may mean something different than you are used to, so please observe the following rules:
● Men must wear a shirt at all times. Shirts with arm holes torn to the waist are not permitted.
● Women are not allowed to wear only a sports bra as their top. They must have a shirt covering the sports bra.
● Shorts must be worn at a decent length.

Checking In
● Everyone must check in at the Front Desk when entering the Sportsplex.
- Please let the Front Desk staff know you are attending a group training session and they will assist you with where to go.
● During the lesson, participants are expected to stay in the Sportsplex gym. The Fitness Center and Studio are not to be used by those attending a volleyball group training session.
● Those participating in a group training session do not need to be members of the Sportsplex.
● There is no food allowed in the gym. Water and sports drinks should have a spill proof top.

Rules of Conduct
● The Xcel Sportsplex exists “to bridge the gap between the church and
the community by connecting people of all ages with God and one
another through sports, fitness, and the outdoors.” You will be held to a
Christ-honoring standard of character.
● The Sportsplex staff reserves the right to ask you to leave if at any point it is deemed you are not honoring God or others by your actions or words. You will first be given one warning to change your behavior. If you do not change, you will be asked to leave.
● Language should be respectful and courteous at all times. Inappropriate or offensive language will not be tolerated and unfiltered use of such language is grounds for dismissal.
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