Eeyou women's gathering of Elders and Youth: "Listening To The Wisdom of Niokominanak (Our Elders)"
With the project “Listening to the Wisdom of Niokominanak (Our Elders)” Quebec Native Women (QNW) plans will be gathering Elder Indigenous women (women aged 55+) and young Indigenous women (aged 18 to 35) from the Eeyou nation. The goal of this gathering is to hold activities centered around our culture and history to facilitate the intergenerational transmission of knowledge and identity. During the gatherings, elders will assume their traditional roles of educators of history, culture and wisdom. The youth will assume their traditional roles of active listening and learning. Following all of the nation gatherings, QNW will compile the stories, photos and perspective with the goal of conserving our collective memory that our elders have shared during the gatherings in a book. This book will become an important educational tool.
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