JAFAX XXIII Maid Café Registration
We're happy that you are interested in being a maid or butler for Jafax's lovely maid café. Please fill out all required fields below. All of your information will be kept confidential. If you have any questions about the form, please email Kathryne at maids@jafax.org.
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Contact and Personal Information
First & Last Name *
This must be your legal name.
Do you have a nickname/preferred name?
i.e. Legal name is Kathryne, nickname is Ryne or Renji.
Date of Birth *
To volunteer for the maid café, you must be at least 18 years of age upon the first day of Jafax (June 7th); photo ID with date of birth will be checked to validate upon arrival.
Email Address *
Phone Number *
Please include your area code. (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Preferred method of contact
I understand that I must be a paid attendee of this convention in order to volunteer in the café and to receive a reimbursement for my badge. *
Emergency Contact Information
While we don't want anything to happen to you and we work very hard to keep everyone safe, accidents do happen. In such cases, we want to be able to notify someone so they are aware of the situation. This information is strictly confidential.
Contact's First & Last Name *
Full name please.
Contact's Phone Number *
Please provide the best number with which to reach them. Include the area code as well.
Contact's Relation to Volunteer *
This is just to give us a better understanding of who this person is.
Any medical conditions/allergies? *
Please list any conditions that we should know about. This is for your safety and to help emergency staff should something happen to you. (i.e. epilepsy, asthma, food/medication allergies, autism, panic attacks)
Café Information
The following questions are mandatory and are used to best schedule you during the convention.
What interests you in being a part of the maid café? *
Have you worked in a maid café before? *
What days are you willing to work? *
(You can select more than one.)
If need be, are you willing to work both days? *
Are you able to provide your own maid outfit, butler costume, or proper kimono? *
Jafax is a family friendly convention and we will be serving minors as well as parents who come into the café. We would like to be respectful of that, so what you provide must be appropriate. We will try to provide under-skirts/shorts if we find that it is needed, but we reserve the right to refuse you at the door without reimbursement if you are not dressed appropriately. Note: Jafax does not provide uniforms for the cafe and you must provide your own.
Are you willing to socialize with guests? *
In the café, we not only serve our patrons but we entertain as well. If you are unwilling to entertain and socialize, we do have a need for general servers and possibly people to plate at the servers station.
Have you ever worked in restaurant service?
We want to know what kind of experience our volunteers have, but previous experience is not required.
Are you ServSafe certified in anyway?
Not a requirement.
Finally, tell us a bit about yourself! *
Thank you for your interest in the café and we will get back to you as soon as possible. ^.^
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