Interested in serving on LTA's Play Selection Committee for the 2020/2021 Season?
Submissions accepted through January 20th.
What to expect on the committee:
The Play Reading Committee is responsible for reading plays that may be suitable for production at LTA and narrowing down the shows. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Board for the 20/21 season. The Board takes the recommendations and makes the ultimate determination on what LTA's season will be. This committee is key in reading many shows and judging each one based on technical needs, suitability for LTA and many other factors. Committee members are asked to consider what will create a balanced season for LTA.

Serving on the committee will entail reading multiple shows sent over email, using a matrix to determine suitability, and two in-person meetings to determine the Committee's recommendations to the Board. Committee members must be willing and able to email and read shows sent online exclusively - paper copies are not provided.

I understand that in order to serve on the committee I will be reading shows online only, and will not be provided with printed copies. *
I understand that in order to serve on the committee, I must be willing and able to enter comments regularly in Google docs.
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There are a limited amount of spots on the committee, and we will not be able to accommodate everyone who expresses interest. We aim for 50%-75% turnover on the committee each season, so if your application is not successful we encourage you to reapply for future seasons.

Selection is done jointly by the Chair of the Committee and the Governor for Seasonal Planning, and aims to have representation from many areas of LTA. All applicants will be contacted in late January.

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