The Economics Debate - Warwick Application
The Economics Debate is an annual inter-university competition, supported by both the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and Oxera Consulting. It is designed to enable university students who are specialising, or merely interested in economics to extend their efforts beyond pen and paper and use theory, logic and reasoning in a compelling manner.

Participating Universities:
Four universities, namely Warwick, UCL, Oxford and LSE took part in the Economics Debate 2017. This year’s competition, however, will be extended to also include Cambridge, Bath, Bristol and Durham.

Quarter-Finals – Tuesday 6th February 2018
Semi-Finals – Tuesday 20th February 2018
Grand Final – Tuesday 27th February 2018

Last year, the prizes were:
1st place – Summer Internships at the IEA
2nd place – £250 Cash Prize
3rd place – £150 Cash Prize
4th place – £100 Cash Prize
Best Individual – £50 Cash Prize

This year, with an increased number of universities involved, the prize pool is expected to be larger and the cash prizes, more attractive!

To indicate your interest in participation, you must submit a maximum 500-word document either supporting or opposing the statement:

‘Philip Hammond’s budget plans won’t solve the UK’s house price problem’

Applications should all be submitted using the Google form on this post. Submissions may be on behalf of an individual, a group of 2 or a group of 3. Please include all group member names and student ID numbers on the document, as well as a word count.


Good Luck!

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