Rinchen Choling Nyungne Retreat Registration (June 8-9, 2019) 寶法林紐涅網上閉關報名
Rinchen Choling will host a Nyungne retreat from June 8 to 9. People who participate in this retreat should check in BEFORE 8:30 am on 6/8 to receive the eight precepts and plan to do indoor camping at night. The retreat will end around 6 pm on 6/9. We will observe silence and skip dinner on both days. Note: we will eat vegetarian food and avoid eggs on both days. Suggested donation is $90 for the retreat (tuition, lunch on both days, breakfast on the 2nd day, and indoor camping). You can pay in advance by cash/check or pay at the door on 6/8 (between 8:00-8:30).

寶法林將在6/8-9 舉辦紐涅-千手千眼觀世音菩薩斷食閉關, 參加者應於 6/8早上8:30以前報到受戒, 當晚並住在中心. 閉關預定在 6/9 傍晚6點左右結束, 閉關的那兩天必須吃素, 並不吃蛋, 閉關時不吃晚餐, 禁語. 閉關費用$90元 (包括 學費 兩天午餐 第二天早餐及大殿住宿), 費用可以事先繳交, 或於6/8日早上8:30交齊.

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