Communications Workbook
Please complete this workbook if you would like Christ Church to help you promote your ministry or event.

This workbook will help you think through the details of your upcoming ministry or event so that the Communications Team can come alongside you with the most complete information possible. Through these details, your event or ministry will be promoted to the right audience at the right time and in the most effective and accurate manner. Thank you for taking the time to share your vision and heart for this event or ministry!

Deadline: 4-6 weeks prior to your RSVP-by/On-Sale/Event date (8-10 weeks for Wide Reach community events)

• Make sure you've allowed adequate time for the communication process to be accomplished.
• Evaluate the return on investment.
• Receive proper direction and budget information from your ministry leader or staff liaison.

Has this ministry/event been submitted to the Christ Church office? *
If not, please visit: to reserve building space and/or have it added to the church calendar
The Basics
Your name *
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Your e-mail address *
So that we can send you a PDF copy of this form, once completed.
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Title of ministry or event *
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Description of ministry or event *
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The Vision
Primarily, what type of event is this? *
Are we actively promoting out in the community (posters, banners, etc) or just inside?
Target demographic *
What age, gender, marital status, etc, will be MOST drawn to this ministry/event?
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What FELT NEED does this event address? *
i.e. Too many young adults are not going to church. Area millennials need a ministry that speaks to them relevantly and in a non-threatening way.
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What do you want people to DO or SAY when they leave this event? *
i.e. I connected on a deeper level with Christian men and feel challenged to lead my family in a more courageous way.
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What is your primary goal?
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What are your secondary goals?
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Registration & Cost
Is registration/RSVP required? *
RSVP-by date
Your answer
RSVP information to be collected
i.e. Full name, e-mail, phone, childcare ages, riding in the van or meeting there...
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If you are charging a fee, how much, and how can it be paid?
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Childcare & Transportation
Is childcare provided?
Must be coordinated through the office. Include age limits and cost, if applicable.
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If off-site, is transportation provided?
Church vans must be coordinated through the office.
Group Study Material
Title and author of study material, if applicable
Your answer
Overall topic of study material. What will attenders learn or take away?
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Promotional Tools
Describe any testimonies, stories, or results from similar past events that we can use to promote this.
Imagine...the POTENTIAL for a past attender to record a video story to be included in video announcements!
Your answer
Links to promotional video and/or graphics
If available. You can also e-mail attachments to
Your answer
If the Atrium marketing channel is recommended by the Communications Team and space is available, is your group willing and able to staff a display area? If so, list preferred dates of an Atrium presence.
You get to create the photos/graphics/videos that will play on the monitor(s). This can be done at home. Simple instructions are available upon request by e-mailing
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Finishing Up
Notes or additional information
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How can we pray for this ministry or event?
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