Highland Terrace PTA - Directory Opt Out Form
Each year Highland Terrace PTA publishes a student directory with students’ names, parents’ phone numbers, and e-mail as well as other important school dates and information. Everyone who joins the PTA will receive a directory. It is a great resource to have throughout the year for play dates, carpools, forgotten homework assignments, etc.

If you do not fill out this form, your students’ name and parent phone number and email will be included with the directory.
Please check the boxes below that apply and complete the information for your student(s):
Please include the following area code + phone number in the PTA directory (if different from phone number listed in school records)
Please indicate if you are okay with receiving text messages to the phone number provided.
Please include the following email in the PTA directory (if different from email listed in school records)
Student Name(s) and Classroom(s):
I understand this form is only for the 2020-2021 PTA Student Directory.
Parent Name:
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