WardiTV Team League Season 8 Registration
This is the registration form for the WardiTV Team League Season 8. All teams must complete this form by JANUARY 13TH if they would like to play in the Pre-Season Qualifiers. Deadline for registration to the Season 8 Open is JANUARY 27th. All teams that play in the Qualifiers or in the Open must pay an entry fee of $10 ($5 admin fee, $5 to the Open prize pool.)

All team managers will be required to be present in the WardiTV Team League Discord, which will be sent to you once you have registered.

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Do you want to play in the Pre-Season Qualifiers? (If you answer no, you are signing up for the Season 8 Open.) *
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Please confirm that you understand that by registering to this competition you are agreeing to the rules of the tournament and that you are agreeing to pay the $10 entry fee. Once registration closes entry fees are non-refundable, but you can and will be removed from the league for breaking rules etc. Failure to pay the entry fee by January 31st will result in a failed registration. *
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