Hearthlight Public Incident Report
This is an official form for reporting incidents and problem individuals to Hearthlight officials. This report will be "anonymized" to protect the privacy of complainants, however all reports must be filed using your full legal and in-game names and a valid email address. This information will only be visible to the person(s) collecting these reports and will never be shared without your permission. You may choose to give permission for your name to be shared with the decision making body to whom this report will be forwarded, which may include, The National Council, The Board of Directors, Chapter Relations, or Local (Chapter) Leadership.

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Where did the incident occur/to what chapter does the person involved in the incident belong?
Time frame of Incidents *
Please describe the time frame of the incidents the individual was involved with. For example "Over the course of the summer of 2017" "On July 4 2011" "Between 2001-2015" "[event] 2016"
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