In 2018, we're presenting more artists across three venues in Putney and Wandsworth.

We started in 2016, when we saw nearly 900 audience members pass through our first venue. In 2017, that number had grown to over 1400 people in two venues and in 2018, we're GROWING again.

We have two rounds of applications, artists interested in applying for the Wandsworth Fringe Grants fund should have their application completed by 1st November 2017 in order to get a response before the grant fund deadline. Any companies that submit applications after this date won't get a response until the first week of January.

You have until December 24th at 13:00 GMT. to show us what you've got.

Interested companies should complete this form

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Please don't worry about using hashtags or handles and bear in mind that we will use this text in marketing and advertising at a later date.
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Now tell us what the show is really about *
Give us some detail on the show and tell us about your style, your background, the subject and/or your training. Sell us this show and sell us yourselves. Please be aware that some of this might be used in marketing.
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What Genre is your show *
What boxes do you fit into. Tick any that apply and add your own at the bottom
How long is your show
Most Fringe shows run at about an hour and we programme more than one show in a venue per night, but we're willing to make exceptions. If you don't know yet, or if the performance is still currently in development, leave this box blank, but be aware, we can't programme you until we have an answer.
Can you bump in and out of a venue in 20 minutes? *
Just be honest here, running in to someone else's tech time is not only unfair but can also put our venue license at risk.
Are there any dates between 4th-20th May that you cannot do? *
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Do you need a technician? *
Last year, we provided a venue technician for just £20 per show. A member of the Fragility management team will be around for your technical rehearsal and our venue managers will have final and overriding say on all technical elements of the show, regardless of whether you are bringing your own technician.
Is there a minimum or maximum stage size or audience you can work with/prefer to work with?
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How many performers do you have on stage?
Do you/this piece have any awards you can tell us about
Don't worry if you don't. It's just so we know how to sell you best.
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What have the press said about you?
Drop any press quotes you have here, one to a line, and include who said them, but don't worry if this is a new show or you haven't had it reviewed yet, last year we had reviewers in a few shows.
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Where are you based? *
If your company is spread across the earth, fill in all the locations separately.
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Our shows are Sold in four price categories, which one would you charge for your work? *
You'll have until January to decide a price for your show.
Would you be willing to let other Takeover Artists see your work for a "Pay what you want" donation? *
No questions asked, but we try to build an artist community. In 2017, 95% of companies offered this.
Describe to us your marketing game? *
How do you normally sell your work? How well do you know your audience and where do you find them?
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If it turns out you aren't right for us, would you mind us sharing your details with other WAF venues? *
Which venue sounds most like venues you have performed in before or most suited for your work? *
You can find tech specs for our two returning venues at, use these to answer this question.
Link us to a high res image of the show
This will be used to register your show with the fringe, on our website and to send to press, so as high resolution as you have. If you don't have an image yet, you have until January 1st to send us one. Use a drop box or Google Docs link here or send us a link via email (UNLIKE IN PREVIOUS YEARS, DO NOT SEND US THE IMAGE DIRECTLY VIA EMAIL)
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Finally: Where did you find this form?
Telling us where you found this form helps us best spend our resources, leaving more money to spend on promoting your work.
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