ANTSHE Awards Nomination Application
The Nomination Period for the 2019 ANTSHE Awards is Now Open! The Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) presents four different awards recognizing nontraditional students, academic professionals, professors, and colleges/universities for their contributions to support nontraditional students and nontraditional student programs.
ANTSHE recognizes colleges/institutions who contribute to the success of and provide support for nontraditional students through programs that focus on meeting nontraditional student needs and by addressing issues pertaining to nontraditional students. If you feel that your college/university goes above and beyond to support their nontraditional students and is deserving of such an award, or if you know of a nontraditional student or academic professional who deserves recognition for their work to support adult programs or nontraditional students, please submit your nomination application no later March 1st for consideration for 2019. Awards will be presented at the 22nd Annual ANTSHE Conference in Orlando, Florida, April 4-6, 2019. Awards are by nomination only and are presented to recipients at our annual conference each year. Nominees are invited to attend the ANTSHE Conference but are not required to be present to receive the award.

Nominations for each award are accepted throughout the year. Individuals nominated must be a member of ANTSHE. Visit for information about each award. Then Complete the form below to nominate yourself, or someone else, or to nominate a college/university adult learner program.
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Name of Award being Nominated for *The recipient of the President's Award, is selected by ANTSHE's President and recognizes significant contributions to their local nontraditional student organization and serves as an inspiration to other ANTSHE members. The ANTSHE “Brick Award”, is an award that recognizes and honors those students or professional members who work “behind the scenes” to assist their respective organizations and “goes above and beyond” to support non-traditional students. The ANTSHE “National Treasure Award” is given by nomination to professors or academic professionals for their dedication and support of non-traditional students on their campus. This award recognizes academics who go above and beyond in their respective positions, and who exemplify those who support (through action) non-traditional students throughout the year. ANTSHE's Annual Student Recognition Award is presented to the most active and vibrant student organization on campus throughout the year and especially during annual Non-Traditional Student Week in November. *
Statement Providing the Reason for Nomination *Please provide a detailed statement of why you feel this person, college and/or university should be recognized. *
Contact Information *Please provide contact information for the nominee in case further information is required including name and phone number or email address. *
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