API Access to All QBO Advanced Custom Fields
The new custom fields are by far the most powerful feature offered in QuickBooks Online Advanced, or at least it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, due to the limited access to these fields across all QuickBooks Online Advanced features and more importantly, the inability to access the fields through the software development kit, we still have not truly seen what these fields are capable of.
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We need your help to draw more demand to the need for full access the the custom fields in QuickBooks Online Advanced. If you know of a situation where access to the custom fields by third-party applications would provide enhanced reporting capabilities, please provide your information below. This survey will be used to demonstrate to Intuit the market demand for this functionality.
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If you would like to share with me a personal use case where you would need to be able to access all of the custom fields through another application, I would love to hear it and to add it to the list of other examples. This is completely optional but very helpful!
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I agree to have my name added to this petition and for my responses to be shared with Intuit. I understand that this information will be used to help motivate changes in QuickBooks Online.
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