MORTAR Cincinnati Entrepreneurship Academy Application
ALL of the sections must be completed. You will enter in general information about your business or business idea and answer some essay questions. Some questions have multiple questions within them, so please read them and answer them in full.  If you aren’t sure about an answer, please just put your best guess. If you have any issues completing the form, type answers into an external document (like Microsoft Word), and email it to

At this time, we are only accepting applications for FOR PROFIT businesses. If you are a nonprofit, please feel free to reach out to SCORE, an organization of retired business executives who volunteer their time to help people legitimize their business at
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Neighborhood of Business (If in Cincinnati, state SPECIFIC neighborhood, such as OTR, Price Hill, West End, West Chester, etc). *
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If you are in business, are you a certified business owner (check all that apply)? *
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If this isn't your first entrepreneurial endeavor, tell us about your previous experiences in business ownership. What were the highlights? What were the struggles? (Put N/A if this does not apply to you.) *
Describe to us your ideal customer - the group of people to which you would sell your product or service. What age range do they fall in? Are they a part of a specific social class or belong to a neighborhood? Is your product or service race or gender specific? *
Describe your marketing strategy for the business you'd like to start or grow. How will your customers hear about you? What's your plan to grow your customer base? *
Give us your best guess on some of the costs that you'll have to start or grow your business. Where do you anticipate getting the money you need to start your business or where have you acquired it from? If you don't know, open up a new tab in your browser, and take a few minutes to do some research on the costs of your product/service. *
If you're going to stay in business, you HAVE to make a profit. Tell us how you plan to make money, how much money you plan on making each month, and how much you'll need to make to be profitable. Is there more than one way that your business will make money? *
What's the biggest challenge that you're facing in starting (or growing) your business? HINT: The answer here is NOT a lack of capital/money. What other obstacles have you run into in the process of starting or growing your business? *
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