Singapore Badminton Open 2019 🏸 Volunteers Form
The Singapore Badminton Open 2019 is the largest and most prestigious badminton event in Singapore. It will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from 9 - 14 April 2019.

We will require volunteers to help carry out various duties at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and other locations such as Changi Airport and the official hotel. Volunteer duties will be required from 6 - 14 April 2019. Some of the roles include:

1) Team Liaison Officer
2) Transport Officer
3) Ushers
4) Operations & Logistics
5) Info Booth & Survey
6) Training Venue Coordinator
7) Operations & Logistics

You may wish to download the FULL list of job scopes of each roles here:

Meals will be provided for all volunteers and a $10 transport allowance will be given to each volunteer per shift.
(Additional $5 for volunteers at the hotel as meals will not be provided)

Other entitlements include CIP hours which will be signed off by the Singapore Badminton Association after the event.

Volunteers aged 18 and above are preferred.

For any enquiries, feel free to write in to

We hope that you will be keen to participate & we look forward to your favourable response soon.

Volunteers who have been engaged will be informed via email.

Thank you! 😀

For more details, please visit:

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