Preschool Parent Input
We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on your child's preschool experience this year in order to improve for next year!
Tell us about ways that you were satisfied with your child's preschool experience, so that we can share with our local districts.
If you were not totally satisfied with your child's experience, please share with us ways that we can improve in the future.
Preschool is designed to give students the opportunity to grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Students learn to take care of themselves and others, make appropriate choices in play, and nurture their curiosity. Preschool activities also boost pre-math and pre-literacy skills. Do you feel that your child's preschool program is preparing them for kindergarten? *
I feel that my child has made progress during the preschool year in the following areas: *
Did you attend a parent/teacher conference this year? *
If you did attend a parent/teacher conference this year, did you find your conference useful? Why or why not?
If you did not attend a parent/teacher conference this year, please explain why, so that we may better reach more parents next year.
My child's teacher communicated with me using the following methods: *
What was your level of satisfaction with our classroom newsletters? *
If you were unsatisfied with our classroom newsletters, please explain why.
What suggestions do you have on how we can improve communication between school and home? *
We would like to improve our program's family engagement. Activities we have had in the past include Art Night, Party in the Park, Pork Festival Parade, Family Prom, and Block Fest. Do you have any suggestions to improve our family engagement activities in the future? *
As a parent or guardian, did you feel welcome in your child's classroom this year? Why or why not? *
How many times did you attend a school activity or volunteer in your child's classroom this year? *
One of our program's goals is to assist families with their family's needs at home. What kind of parent training would you find useful? *
Any additional information you would like for us to know?
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