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Thank you for sharing your views with me in this anonymous and confidential survey.
Your answers will help me continue to bring lots of valuable content to help you launch your tech startup in 2021.
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What are you doing with your idea right now?
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What steps have you taken to get your idea off the ground already?
What’s the next big milestone you are aiming to achieve when it comes to your idea?
How do you feel about your idea right now?
How would you “like” to feel about your idea?
Why do you think there might be a difference between the two? What do you feel you need more help with to get you there?
What's your area of expertise?
Do you identify with becoming a tech founder or a female founder? Please provide as much detail as you see fit.
How do you find out about ways you can get support to turn your idea into reality?
Which of these would you most likely invest in for your business right now?
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Please comment on your previous choice
From the following 3 themes, which would you say you struggle with the most?
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If things were perfect with your idea what would be happening right now? What changes and improvements would you most like to see?
If you could give me one piece of advice to help you, what would it be?
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