Standard Celeration Society 2020 Needs Assessment Session
You are invited to the Standard Celeration Society's needs assessment session on Tuesday, January 26 from 6:30-8:00pm CST. Please complete the form below to RSVP for the session, and a zoom link will be sent out several hours before it starts. If you have questions, please email We look forward to seeing you there!

Please read through the schedule and working agreements below.


6:30-6:40pm - Greetings and short intros, share values of Diversity Committee

6:40-6:55pm - Presentation of the needs assessment methods and results

6:55-7:00pm - Sharing of the main goals the Diversity Committee sees based on the results

7:00-7:20pm - Group discussion of those goals and invite attendees to suggest goals

7:20-7:40pm - Brainstorming of action steps related to goals

7:40-7:45pm - Invitation to join working group

7:45-8:00pm - Share next steps


-Use respectful language; if you don’t know which term to use, ask.

-Move up / move back: Be mindful of how much you are speaking as compared to other people and make sure you leave space for others to share also. And if you are someone who doesn't usually speak up, see if you'd like to challenge yourself to share (vocally or in the chat box).

-Owning intentions and impacts: Sometimes our actions have a different impact than we intend them to; we will listen, reflect, and apologize if we learn that our words had a hurtful impact.

-Stay on topic, vocally and in the chat; keep the session focused on goals and action steps rather than only on concerns. We will do our best to stick to the schedule above, and schedule future times to continue the conversation.
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