WAGS Fall 2016 Feedback
This form contains a request for feedback and information about reimbursement. Biographic information helps us keep things organized, but you are welcome to skip it and give us anonymous feedback if you prefer.
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For the purposes of our NSF grant, it would be very useful to have feedback and constructive criticism about the conference organization. Please help us out by answering the following questions
How would you rate the quality of the talks at WAGS?
Did the speakers succeed in communicating to the broad WAGS audience?
Did you find the poster session useful/interesting?
Did you benefit from participation in WAGS in any specific way (i.e. started/continued a collaboration, discussed with a particular person, found a thesis problem, or...)?
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Did you have a favorite aspect of this edition of WAGS?
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Did you dislike some aspect of this edition of WAGS? In particular, any suggestion for improvement is most welcome.
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Any final comments?
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Financial Assistance
WAGS is partially supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, as well as the Department of Mathematics and College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University.
Are you applying for reimbursement?
Were your expenses below the cap that was communicated to you before the conference?
Are there any particular financial circumstances that you would like to point out (e.g. you paid for a shared a room, or for a rental car for a group, etc)?
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OK - you are ready to claim reimbursement. Here are the instructions. Relevant links are on the WAGS website as it doesn't seem possible to have them on this form.
(1) Refer to the REIMBURSEMENT GUIDELINES for the list of documents that you need to provide. This is especially important if you are NOT a citizen or permanent resident of the US.
(2) Fill out, print and sign the VISITOR TRAVEL FORM.
(3) Mail (yes, sadly paper submission still seems necessary) form, documents, and relevant receipts to the CSU math department accountant:

Sheri Hofeling, Department of Mathematics, 1874 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO 80523-1874

PLEASE submit your reimbursement claim by October 31st. Around mid November we will be allocating the funds and late requests may unfortunately receive less funding than promised!
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