NIDHI-EIR Programme
National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB)
Department of Science & Technology
Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India
Technology Bhawan, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110016
Basic applicant information
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About the applicant's Technology/Business idea
Please describe the technology for which you are seeking market opportunities or market for which you are seeking technology opportunities. *
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Checklist of essential criteria
Applicant confirms that he/she has not been a recipient of the NIDHI-EIR previously. NIDHI-EIR can be used only once. *
Applicant is planning to pursue NIDHI-EIR full-time with no other concurrent commitments. *
Applicant confirms that he/she will not be in receipt of any other remuneration or fellowship during the duration of the NIDHI-EIR. *
Applicant confirms that he/she is fully committed to exploring a business idea. NIDHI-EIR support recipient should not treat this support as a stop gap arrangement to support them in their academic pursuits or transition between jobs. *
Applicant confirms that he/she is not the promoter or significant (less than 10%) share holder / beneficiary of another company at the time of applying for and receiving the NIDHI-EIR support. *
The NIDHI-EIR has or is planning to register for the pre-incubation or incubation program at the PEPI for the entire duration of NIDHI-EIR support. *
Undertaking and signatures
-> I confirm that the above mentioned information is true.
-> I confirm that I have read and understood the guidelines.
-> I confirm that I meet requirements of the programme and shall abide by the rules of the programme.
-> I confirm that I shall provide all requested data and information to the PEP and PIP in a timely manner.
-> I commit to keeping the PEP promptly informed about all key business related developments including incorporation of
company, success in raising grant/equity/other funding etc.
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