2020 NMI Local Church Report
Church Year: 2019-2020 DUE: March 15, 2020

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4. Who was your Links family this year? *
5. Did your church contact your Links family this year? *
This can be contact by letters, emails, parcels/gifts, or any other way.
6. Did your church pay your Links assignment? *
(Listed on NMI Goals page)
7. Did your church have a Mission speaker this year? *
8. If your church had a Mission speaker this year, what was his/her name?
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9. Would you like to host a missionary in the next year? *
10. Did anyone from your church attend an Area or District Missions service (including previous District Assembly)? *
11. Does your church have a Faith Promise plan? *
12. Did anyone from your church participate in any of the following?
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13. Did you do anything unique or exciting to promote Missions within your church?
(Skits, contests, bribery, how you get people involved, etc.)
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14. Does your church use the Funding The Mission website? *
15. Did your church send an STP Fuel offering? *
(Listed on NMI GOALS page.) *STP Fuel money should be sent to Bob Childress*
16. Did your church send a WMB offering? *
(Listed on NMI GOALS page.)
17. Did anyone in your church read the books or listen to the CD's? *
18. Please give any comments about the reading books/CDs, good or bad, if you want.
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19. Did anyone in your church use any of the following media?
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20. Do you share the NMI information that you receive from the District President or NMI MAC with others in your church? *
21. If no, can you tell us why?
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22. Does your church have a weekly Sunday night service? *
23. Does your church have a weekday service? *
24. If your church has a weekday service, what day is it?
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