Lalabye Mama Search 2017 (Lalabye Baby Advocates)
Do you LOVE Lalabye Baby products? Are you addicted to fluff? Are you a social mama? We're looking for new Lalabye Baby Mamas to be added to our team for the 2017 Lalabye Baby Brand Ambassadors

What is a Lalabye Mama?
It's our brand ambassador program, and it's open to anyone in the US or Canada!

As our brand ambassador you'll be the first to see new products, prints, and colors that are released! Lalabye Mamas who fulfill their Brand Ambassador social-media marketing duties will receive new products and prints first before anyone else! We'll spoil your little one with Lalabye Baby goodness!

Your only job will be to spread the love of Lalabye Baby diapers. Each month you'll have a few tasks to complete:

1. Social media shares each month confessing your #lalabyebabylove on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, a
personal blog, YouTube, or your favorite social media outlet.
2. Of those social media shares, most will need to include a photo of your baby/child in a Lalabye Baby diaper.
You'll need to include #lalabyebabylove #lalabyemama #lalabyebaby and #Ad in your social media shares.
3. Join us in the Lalabye Baby Cloth diaper chat & more Group on Facebook and make new friends! Help us answer
questions and spread the love of Lalabye Baby!

How do you become a Lalabye Mama?

* Apply to be a Lalabye Mama by filling out our google form no later than October 2nd, 2017.
* After you've completed your application, be sure to follow Lalabye Baby on social media.
* Share a picture of your little #lalabyebaby in one of our diapers and why you want to be an official brand advocate. Be sure to use #lalabyemamasearch in your post.

What are we looking for in a Lalabye Mama?

* Someone who has a child or children currently using Lalabye Baby cloth diapers (not close to potty training)
* Someone who feels comfortable sharing images of their child in Lalabye Baby diapers online
* Someone who has more than one type of social media account (or who is willing to create additional types of
accounts if needed)
* Someone who is capable of interacting with customers respectfully
* Someone who represents the company's aim for kindness and helpfulness in all areas of social media
* Someone who feels confident creating engaging and appropriate content on their existing social media sites
* Someone who creates a kind and helpful presence in chat groups and on the web
* Someone who has sufficient experience with cloth diapering and who knows and understands the recommendations
Lalabye Baby puts forth regarding washing and care routines
* Someone who is energetic and innovative, who feels confident sharing ideas with the group on how to improve our
social media presence and reach for marketing purposes
* Photography skills are a big plus, but at a minimum you must be able to take clear, bright photos for use :)

We'll select our Lalabye Mamas and announce them by the middle of October. Please fill out our google form no later than October 2nd, 2017. Good luck! We can't wait to see how much you love Lalabye Baby!

Questions? Comments? Just send us an email to .
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