IGDN Mentorship Application
One of the purposes of the IGDN, as stated in our bylaws, is that we seek out, support, and amplify undiscovered voices in the gaming industry so their stories and ideas can enrich and expand the larger gaming community.

This form will help us figure out what stage you're in, what your needs are, and what you're looking for in a mentor. Please email diversity@igdnonline.com with any questions.

The IGDN is a purely analog game organization. We do not offer mentorship for electronic, video, or mobile games.
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The IGDN generally requests a fee of $50.00 USD for the mentorship program which goes towards the mentor's yearly dues. Would that fee be an economic hardship for you? *
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Give us some background on who you are, and the type of games you enjoy. Give potential mentors an opportunity to learn about you.
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Tell us all about the game you're currently working on, its mechanics, and style of gameplay. (We do not offer mentorship for electronic, video, or mobile games)
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What do you love about analog games? How do you want to see analog gaming grow and change in the next decade? *
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