The State of Sustainability at Campus Gotland
Hi there :) As the university is creating a new environmental plan, GHOST wants to find out what you here at Campus Gotland think about the Campus in terms of sustainability. Based on survey responses we can then help shape the environmental plan!

ALL QUESTIONS ARE ON A 1 to 5 SCALE, strongly disagree (1), neutral (3) to strongly agree (5).
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Let's start with a positive comment! Write an approach/action, you like, made by Campus Gotland that makes the campus more sustainable.
I feel that there are too many printed handouts for students. *
I feel there are too many single-use items, like paper cups. *
I feel that I should be asked prior to orientation day which or if I would like to receive all things from the orientation kit (backpack, bottle) or not. *
I feel there are not enough vegan and vegetarian options in the cafeteria. *
I struggle filling my bottle with tab water at the campus. *
I feel there is a lack of green spots / planting zones / urban gardening areas at the campus. *
I miss some sports infrastructure (gym, dancing or yoga space, etc.) provided by the campus for students. *
I feel that Campus Gotland does not introduce enough energy efficient solutions, for example, auto-lights in classrooms. *
I don’t have information about where on-campus food is produced. *
I don't have enough information on the waste management at the Campus and cafeteria. *
I don’t have informational and resource support from the university to act more sustainably at the campus and in my private life. *
I don’t feel the university is communicating its water-saving efforts (if any). *
I don’t have information about the energy sources for university operations. *
I don’t see enough transparent communication by the university administration about sustainability-related efforts taken at the campus.
Clear selection
Please, list any other concerns you have in relation to the sustainability of Campus Gotland (or elaborate on the previous ones) or any suggestions you might have.
Thank you for answering and contributing to increase awareness about what a more sustainable campus, and future, should look like. #words2actions
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (email).

Questions about the UU plan can be answered by environmental manager Karolina Kjellberg (e-mail: and telephone 018-471 77 76).

The GHOST Team
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