SURVEY - Steven Taylor Sanctity of Life Pavilion Project 
The City of San Leandro is seeking input on design of the Steven Taylor Sanctity of Life Pavilion Project.  
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How would you characterize your connection to San Leandro (choose all that apply)?  *
If you answered “a” in the last question, can you share what Council district you live in?
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Which of the following would you describe as the primary purpose of the Steven Taylor Sanctity of Life Pavilion? (choose all that apply) 
Spaces of this type tend to have a variety of components. To what extent do you think these elements belong in the pavilion? (choose strongly support to strongly oppose for each) 
Strongly oppose
Somewhat oppose
Somewhat favor
Strongly favor
Listing of names
Abstract/symbolic art (sculpture, painted piece, etc.)
Photos/statuesque busts of victims
Natural elements
Informational displays

Aside from the elements suggested in the previous question, are there other components you think belong in the pavilion? 


What does the phrase “sanctity of life” mean to you? How would you suggest the City manifest the “sanctity of life” around which this pavilion is based? What elements would you include?  


The City of San Leandro has used a monarch butterfly theme in designs of other facilities such as the Shoreline Park and new Mulford Marina Branch Library; the butterfly has symbolized transformation, hope, faith, and rebirth.  How might this concept be incorporated into the Sanctity of Life Pavilion? 

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