RMC Initial Parish Scenarios Feedback
Considering the six initial parish scenarios you read about on page three of the handout/mailing, please prayerfully consider your responses to the questions below and submit your answers. We are hoping to gather as many responses as possible by September 28, but will keep the survey open for an additional week, until October 4.
Which scenario BEST addresses the particular needs of this grouping? *
Why? (e.g. makes geographic sense, addresses demographic and cultural needs, considers the socioeconomic factors of the area, etc.) *
Which scenario LEAST addresses the particular needs of this grouping? *
Why? (e.g. difficulty traveling between sites, neglects the financial needs of the community, etc.) *
What do you consider the biggest potential challenge facing the implementation of these scenarios? (e.g. unrealistic demands on clergy, differences in parish communities, etc.) *
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