Skin Care Preferences in Families with Food Allergies or Eczema - By The Mindfully Scientific Mama
The Mindfully Scientific Mama is conducting a survey for an upcoming blog post regarding preferences in skin care products for children. Your answers will help me provide other food allergy and eczema families with information about popular products. Your personal information will never be disclosed; I'm only reporting data on popular products, rather than the families themselves. You are not obligated to take this survey, and can click out at any time. Because I am not collecting personal information, once you have submitted the survey, it will be difficult to remove your answers from the data set.

You can learn more about The Mindfully Scientific Mama on my website:
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Do you have any of the following?
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Are you a parent?
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Does your child have food allergies
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Does your child have eczema
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Who are you reporting information about in this survey?
What is your favorite skin care cream/lotion
What is your favorite moisture barrier product?
What is your favorite sunscreen option?
What is your favorite body wash/soap product?
What is your favorite shampoo product?
Do you/your child use hydrocortisone during eczema flares?
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Is there anything else you think is important to share with other families managing food allergies and sensitive skin? If so, what?
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