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Thanks for taking the time to connect with us! We care greatly about the long-term commitment and joy of your marriage!

This institution is truly a God-given gift between a husband and wife, intended to be a reflection of the relationship between Christ and the Church. So, as a community we ask that the day of the wedding be preceded by a pre-marital counseling workshop for the purpose of understanding the commitment, sacrifice, and forgiveness necessary in this life-long depiction.

At Imago, our hope is that some form of pre-martial counseling would occur before officiating your wedding. The format typically means attending a premarital workshop facilitated by one of our pastors. Our premarital workshops are held in Winter, Spring, and Fall; if you're unable to attend, we're glad to connect you with a counselor or possibly a pastor. Once we've received this info, we'll send you details about our upcoming workshop along with any pastoral offication you may need.

Here are some of the guidelines we’ll discuss and initial questionnaire, followed by some helpful things-to-note:
• 1) We’d ask that you are willing to build a marriage based on the patterns and practices of scripture. This means you are willing to re-prioritize your life as you follow Christ; and more particularly, we hope to see you inspired by what scripture calls you to, beyond what "feels" right or what Portland's culture might say. (Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 7:24) For instance, scripture describes sexual intimacy as godly, but only once a vow with a spouse has been made (a strange practice in our city.)

Are you willing to discuss what it means to steward your relationship around Christ's patterns and practices?

• 2) We’d ask that you and your fiancé would have a similar commitment to Christ, since the heart of marriage is deep, worshipful oneness. From a scriptural perspective, when your spouse identifies with the central worship of your heart, deep unity is truly possible. (2 Corinthians 6:14-15)

Are both of you Christ-followers? If not, are you willing to sort through this with a pastor?

If you have any questions or concerns as you read through these guidelines please feel free to email Jonathan Wallace, our marriage and family pastor ( to have additional conversation before beginning the premarital/officiation process.
Please take a moment to briefly complete this form. The hope for these questions is to help us understand where the Gospel can be explored with you and your fiancé. And, all of this information is kept confidential!
Are you interested in the pre-marital counseling workshop, or both the workshop and an officiate?
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How long have you known each other?
When did you each experience a relationship with Christ? Have you been baptized?
What is your church background and current involvement? Are you consistently a part of our Imago Dei community?
Are there any other reasons for getting married that we should be aware of (pregnancy, pressure from others, citizenship issues, etc)?
Do your parents approve of the marriage? If not, what do you think of their reasons?
Have either of you been previously married? If yes, briefly explain:
Do both of you share a desire for premarital counseling? If not, briefly explain
Are you currently receiving any premarital counseling at this time? If so, explain:
What are you hoping premarital counseling will achieve in your relationship?
Are you sexually involved, i.e. experiencing the benefits of intimacy before vowing your committment? If so, are you willing to reconsider this pattern?
Again, thanks for inviting us to share in your marriage conversation!
Things to Note
• Scripture is clear that sexual unity is intended to be experienced within the boundary of a covenant (a verbal oath that has blessings and consequences) before Christ, community, husband and wife. As a team of pastors we're glad to officiate your wedding if you recognize that Christ calls you into this boundary for your marriage, however if this isn't your conviction, we'll have to decline the invitation to officiate. We understand that this may seem confusing or frustrating, but we're definitely willing to walk with you, as you clarify what Christ intends for marital sex.

Listen to our "Love, Sex, God" series for some initial clarification:

• Cost: There is no cost to participate in our premarital counseling workshop. However, you'll need to purchase individual workbooks and pay for a SYMBIS assesment for a total of around $70 per couple. For an offication, the suggested honorarium for a pastor performing your ceremony is $250 paid directly to the minister. If there is a financial hardship involved, feel at ease to discuss this with your pastor.

• Our workshop format is a Friday evening session on Christ's intent for our marriages, followed with an all day Saturday session about how to practically nurture a marriage that will last. You'll use the Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts book, and assessment test to help you understand the uniqueness in caring for your relationship.

• Offication rehearsal and reception: The pastor will generally conduct the wedding rehearsal at the couple’s scheduled time and most are able to act as simple coordinators related to stage placement and order of service. Regretfully, pastors are not always able to attend rehearsal dinners or receptions, but it is our hope to connect with and know you through the process!

• Out-of-town weddings: Some pastors will perform out-of-town ceremonies, but be sure to plan on paying for any necessary travel expenses and accommodations, along with a precise address to the wedding facility.
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