KuduKudu Submission Form

Thank you for taking interest in KuduKudu Records.
We're big believers in undiscovered talent and are excited to hear what you have to show us.

As a small independent label, we do our best to give artists the time, attention, strategy and support that they require to take their music that extra mile. As such, our ability to support artists is limited. Due to the number of submissions we're receiving, we've created this form as the official submission platform for our services.

Every release submitted through this platform will be considered for release, however due to time restraints, we will only get back to submissions that we accept. If you do not hear back from us within 30 days, it means your submission has been rejected. Please note this is not to say that your music is not worth support, it may mean that we currently don't have the capacity to support it.

KuduKudu was started by artists, for artists. We understand the pride artists take in their creations and compositions, but we also understand that the greatest artists are those who can consistently grow and evolve in their sound and writing. That being said, we encourage you to keep submitting new material through our platform even if your initial submissions are rejected.

We wish you success and cannot wait to hear what you've created.

The KuduKudu Team

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