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Hi there! I'm excited that you want to be a guest on my podcast. Let me know what you have in mind by filling out this form. If you have specific questions, you can email me at . Talk soon! ~Rochelle  of | BE A GUEST DETAILS:
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Note: I understand that podcast guesting is an excellent method for building authority and teaching your proprietary methodology, but this is not that kind of podcast. I'm looking for candid, informal conversations and stories that help people get to know the "real you" -- the private, more intimate side of being an entrepreneur.
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Why I'm asking: I'm currently only featuring BIPOC and LGBTQ2IA+ as guests on this podcast.
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For example, your Youtube channel, one of your best IGTV videos, your guest episode on another podcast, etc. If you don't have any yet, that's okay too! Just let say that below.
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