Promoting Safer Building Conference July 13th
In this full day event we will be presenting the project field work methods and learning from post-typhoon interventions in the Philippines and post-earthquake interventions in Nepal. We will also be hosting panel discussions with guest speakers from the interacting disciplines.

The final session will be an open panel with a 'Question Time' set-up that will include the invited speakers from the morning and other guest speakers from the world of practice and academia across different sectors and disciplines.

If you cannot attend the conference, this is an opportunity for your questions to be included in the discussion and report that will follow it.

If you are attending, this is an opportunity for you to identify questions before the conference that you would like to ask during this last session. In this way, the moderator will be informed and ask it or call upon you to ask it.

The topic of discussion will be:

General implications of the promoting safer building and supporting self-recovery approach for post-disaster recovery more generally

Moderator: Charles Parrack Subject Coordinator, Shelter after Disaster, CENDEP

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