Goals Goals Goals 2020
After thinking about your goals you need to write them down and share them with other people. This will help your focus and motivation.

Share your Taekwondo goals with us by filling in this simple online form, and receive some FREE CLUB MERCHANDISE. Fill in this form and we will give you a CLUB WRISTBAND and CAR STICKER.
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Please write down YOUR GOAL below. Ideally it should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Achievable, Time constrained *
Examples :- Achieve my next belt at Easter; Improve my sidekick so I can break a board by April; Learn / Improve my next pattern ; take part in a competition this year; learn 4 more 1-step sparring moves before next test; be able to hold plank for 1 minute; try a development pathway class etc....
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