Women In Politics '21 - Mentor Application
Our Women in Politics program nurtures the next generation of women leaders during our summer long program, followed by a mentor pairing to cultivate meaningful, long-term relationships with these young change-makers. We are looking for volunteer mentors with a passion for youth development who recognize making an impact in young people’s lives means putting youth and their needs first. Our youth-centered and strengths-based approach understands no one has all the answers, adults included, yet we can offer our presence and willingness to learn. We value mentors who are socially and culturally sensitive, love listening deeply, and see their mentees as whole people with a unique context and are excited to support them in a variety of ways—including with emotional, mental, and professional development resources. Through mentoring we offer a commitment to relevant, transformative relationships with young women who are creating our common future.

This commitment to mentor is to last a year. You should be able to meet with your mentee at least once a month via call or video conference.
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