The Beast Trail 2020 - Cancelation Form
如欲取消原日期為 2020 年 5月 9 日,新日期為 5 月10 日的「The Beast Trail 2020 12km」活動,請填寫此表單。

Please use this form only if you want to cancel your registration for the The Beast Trail 2020 event (primary 12km), originally planned for May 9th, rescheduled to May 10th 2020.

If you would like cancel for more participants please fill up separately.

See all updates at the link below


Runners who wish to cancel their participation in the event are entitled to the race pack and finisher gift from the organizers. They will be available at race pack pickup.

The runners will also be eligible for a partial cash refund in the amount of [REGISTRATION AMOUNT minus 1200NTD CANCELATION FEE]. For example, if you signed up for the 12km event and paid 1600NTD and 400NTD shuttle bus, you will receive the race pack along with a 800NTD partial refund.

If you do choose to cancel your participation, you must respond by April 22nd, 11:59PM by filling out the form


部份退費: 報名費扣除1200元 。舉例:如果您是以1600元報名 12km 組 + 接駁車400元,您將得到共800元的退費。 有關此費用的詳細資訊,請參見常見問題回答。

如果您確定選擇取消參加,請務必在4月22日,11:59PM 之前填寫連結上的表單:

Email *
名字 (請以英語拼音輸入) / English Given name *
姓氏 (請以英語拼音輸入) / English Family name *
中文全名 / Chinese name
請輸入要取消的參加者 BIB 號碼 / Please enter the BIB numbers of participant (
請填寫銀行代碼及帳戶資訊(需為台灣的銀行) / Please let us know the bank account information for your partial refund (Bank ID # and Account # in Taiwan)
*If not filled we will use same bank account from which registration fee was paid.
銀行代碼 / Bank Number
帳戶號碼 / Account Number
請確認您是否領取比賽裝備 / Please confirm whether you plan to pickup your race pack. *
請告訴我們您欲取消參加的原因 / Please let us know the reason for canceling your registration. *
備註 / Additional notes:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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