WAX Hackathon Application – CGC Kyiv 2019
CGC teams up with WAX to organize a hackathon during CGC Kyiv 2019. The hackathon starts on October 9th (the day before the conference opens) and ends on October 10th, with prizes being awarded at the end of the first day of the conference.

Participating teams will have a task to create dApps on the WAX mainnet. Gaming dApps are preferred. However, any dApps would be considered. Judges will select winning teams who will be awarded with four prizes of $250, two prizes of $2000 and one grand prize of $5000!

Participants get:
- Free participation
- Free Standard Pass to the conference
- Work tables, power supply, Internet connection
- Food and soft drinks
- Chance to win great prizes
- Awards ceremony

IMPORTANT - Both remote (online) and on-site participation options are possible. Please make sure you've selected the correct option in the form below. We need to allocate enough space for teams participating in the hackathon on-site. Thanks!

- Participation applications should be done personally, one can’t apply for someone else
- Each participant must be a member of only one team
- Participants are required to have own laptop with charger and necessary software installed

Terms of participation:
- Teams can use any development framework / engine (e.g. Unity3d, Cocos2d, HTML5, Flash, etc.) and any suitable programming language for client and server development
- Any target platform (desktop, mobile, web, VR, etc.)
- Teams can use any gameplay and technical code snippets prepared beforehand (e.g. a working EOS dApp)

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