Cann Memorial Stewardship 2020
A Deeper Well: Dig Deep. Draw Deeply

Your pledge allows us to plan! When you make your pledge, you are promising to donate a certain amount of money to Cann Memorial over the year. Knowing what will come in allows us to create responsible budgets for our ministries. All pledged money is directed to the general fund for Finance Committee to distribute among our ministry areas as needed.

This form will go to our receiving treasurer, Janet Jones, who will be the only one to see your pledged amount. You may change your pledge at any time during the year by contacting Janet at
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Thank you for your pledge! Your generosity allows us to make realistic and responsible plans for strong ministry in 2021, drawing deeply from the well of Christ's living water.
Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst ~ John 4:4-15
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